Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E)

Waiting no more, The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright ( NV 356E) is really worth your money. It is embedded not only up-to-date technology but also outstanding helpful features to make your cleaning much easier and more fun. This vacuum consists of a dusting brush, floor brush, power brush and crevice tool and it is 16 pound in weight


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=> Description

This Shark Navigator Professional Lift-away Upright Vacuum helps you experience powerful deep carpet and bare floor cleaning using Never Loses Suction Technology. Cleaning will never be faster, more consistent and easier with this technique. Being able to trap up to 99.99% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum by an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, this machine can prevent users from breathing in the dirt while you are vacuuming.

The Shark Navigator Professional NV356E is a combination of a lightweight vacuum with a canister which can be easily detachable. This smart machine also applies a sealed system with a permanent HEPA filter to clear out allergens and dirt in order to make sure the air is always kept clean. This filter also clears out dust and allergens and makes itself suitable for owners suffering from allergies, asthma or having pets in their homes. Refreshing furniture is also so convenient with swivel steering and smooth-gliding wheels. By spinning the collar around the handle, you can freely adjust the output of suction and make vacuuming delicate furniture, rugs just a piece of cake.

The Shark NV356E requires an input power of 1,100 watts which is relatively lower than the average upright vacuum cleaner.

One of the impressive features of this vacuum is its large capacity lift-away canister that your drapes, ceiling fans, upholstery, stairs and other hard terrains can be cleaned up perfectly. The warranty period is five years, but you can be assured to have it guaranteed even for much longer due to its modern technology and reliable quality.


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 Reviews Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright ( NV 356E): has generously complimented this Shark NavigatorBest upright vacuum for 2016

Here are some comments directly from users:

My old Miele of 25 years finally gave out. Purchased a Dyson and was very excited to get it. Hated it. Overstock was fantastic in handling my return. Ordered this Shark lift away and love it. I love that you can adjust the suction. I love that you can turn it on without having the brush come on (unless you want it to). I have hardwood floors and orientals. Some are thick and I want to use the brush but some are thinner and I don’t. I hope it lasts half as long as my Miele. Very satisfied. I’m thinking about purchasing a Shark Rocket for upstairs “ – OstkUser16753 Jan 20, 2015

This machine really outperformed my expectations. It gets all the dirt and is super easy to handle. Reaches tough spots and makes cleaning up a breeze” – Kevin S. Mar 22, 2015

⇒ Tips for usage

With the gentle and delicate cleaning brush, the machine is suitable and efficient for a variety of surfaces ranging from hard floors such as wood or glass to soft curtains and velvet sofa. It is even satisfying in dirty areas such as dust lamp or car mats.

You can order a spare set of pre-motor filters to replace your vacuum in case other sets of filters are drying.

Moreover, the power cord should be plugged into right the center of outlet. This power cord which is extra will possibly reach farther without notifying to change outlets regularly.

⇒ Getting Started:


When you release the canister from floor nozzle, you should:

Press button on bottom side ⇒ Let it go ⇒ Lift from dust cup handle.

Θ Note that you do not need to hold this button down.

Θ In case tools of the handheld is not used regularly for cleaning your house in special positions, the accessory holder can be detached for being easier to use.

Θ To unwrap the cord easily, what you should do is to rotate the top cord wrap in either direction to release the cord quickly.

Θ Attach the cord the cord hook right under the handle to avoid the cord bother you while cleaning. When additional reach is required, place any tools on the end of the handle for a wider wand.

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⇒ Using the Vacuum:

You can easily adjust suction by turning the collar placed on the handle in the counterclockwise direction when you want to reduce suction in order to vacuum area rugs, high pile carpets or to clean soft fabrics and curtains. Note that you should close this to restore optimal suction power.

The power nozzle has been designed for maximizing cleaning power on all surfaces so you can switch from hard surfaces to carpets without a need of adjusting the height. In order to turn the brush roll active or inactive which depends on where you are vacuuming, you just need to change the position of the power control at your convenience.

⇒ Maintaining the Vacuum:
To maximize operation of this vacuum cleaner, you should clean the dust cup regularly, especially after using it. The performance of the cleaner depends on clean filters that ensure optimal suction, therefore, you should remember to rinse your filters once every 3 months. Also, you can tap to get the dirt out of the filters between washing as you need.

Last but not least, to increase the lifetime of this machine, you should hand it after washing so that it can be dried appropriately. If you have troubles with allergens, it is better that you attach a plastic bag around the dust cup, hold it tightly and press the buttons via that bag.

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