Rowenta RH8559 Cordless Vacuum Review

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Let’s face it, no one likes a messy house. We often have to perform light cleaning  on a daily basis to help keep ourRowenta RH8559 Delta Force Lightweight Cordless Bagless houses in order. The Rowenta RH8559 vacuum cleaner will help to take the hassle out of your daily cleaning duties. A cordless vacuum cleaner is ideal for everyday cleaning. You won’t have to plug and unplug cords to clean each room in the house and this will help you to get through your cleaning a lot faster and easier. The Rowenta is also lightweight and very maneuverable thus requiring little physical effort on your part to get your house looking sparkling clean. This vacuum cleaner has other good qualities about it, read further to find out.

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Pros of Rowenta RH8559 Cordless Vacuum

Pro Number One:

Delta Force Cyclonic Bagless Technology: This technology offers powerful sustained suction which allows for the separation of dust particle from the air. The dust is captured in a foam filter which allows for complete filtration. Another interesting point about this foam filter is that it is washable and reusable. The dust container can also be removed and emptied easily. There is no dust bag to dispose of so it is very unlikely that you will not come into contact with any dust at all.

Pro Number Two:

Energy Star- Certified 18 Volt Battery: The 18 volt battery can run for up to forty minutes per charge. This makes it ideal for light, everyday cleaning and eliminates the need to recharge the battery every day. It is also suitable for longer cleaning sessions as well.

Pro Number Three:

Swivel-Triangle Delta Head: The triangular Delta Head was designed for hard floors, area rugs, and carpets. This triangular design along with the swivel head provides easy reach into corners and edges which can sometimes be difficult to get to. The Delta Head also has a motorized brush which is perfect for capturing ground-in dirt in carpets and rugs. Another feature of the Delta Head is the presence of large and small air canals which maximise suction and collect up to 99 percent of dust off floors.

Features and Specifications:

  • Self standing cordless bagless stick vacuum cleaner with comfortable XL loop handle
  • Delta Fore Cyclonic Bagless Technology
  • Three filtration systems for powerful suction
  • Easy to empty 33oz dust container
  • Energy Star-certified 18 volt battery with low energy consumption
  • 40 minutes runtime on fully charged battery
  • 180 degree swivel triangle Delta Head with motorized brush and optimized suction canals
  • Weighs 7.5 pounds and measures 30.4 x 11.6 x 12.6 inches

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Customer Reviews

The customers on Amazon are loving the Rowenta RH8599 cordless vacuum which is an indication that this product does have some great features.

One pleased customer wrote: “I use it at least once every day for pet hair and it is sooo convenient and works very well on hardwood, tile and flat weave carpet! Infrequent charging is needed.”

Another satisfied customer wrote: “Love this hardwood floor/carpet vacuum! Turns a 20 minute job into a 5 minute job. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and it picks up the hair like no other.”

Cons of Rowenta RH8559 Cordless Vacuum

Based on the above, there is no doubt that the Rowenta RH8599 cordless vacuum is a good buy. However, there are a few things that could make it better if they are improved upon. Here are a few cons:

  • The battery takes a while to charge and it is not removable. It is also no possible to buy an extra battery and keep one charged so that you will always have a fully charged battery.
  • Some users have reported that the vacuum is unstable if left standing upright with no support.
  • While it does a great job on wooden floors, tile, and low pile carpets, it is not able to thoroughly clean regular carpets.

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Despite the cons mentioned above, the Rowenta RH8599 is a good vacuum cleaner to get for your home. One of its strongest selling points is its 40 minute 18 volt battery, most cordless vacuums on the market can only go for 15 minutes before needing to be charged again. The long battery runtime, the maneuverability, and the performance on wooden floors, tiles, and pile carpets make the Rowenta RH8599 a great choice in a cordless vacuum. The Amazon price of $141.26 is also a good price.

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