Are you looking for the best vacuum for pet hair?

Pets are great companions with you or even your family. They are always besides you, watch you, play with you or secure you and your family.

best vacuum for pet hair

best vacuum for pet hair

It is no doubt that having pets is one of the greatest things in people’s life. However, they also make some troubles especially make people crazy with cleaning all piles of pet hair they leave. Pet hair can appear in all over the house: on the floors, carpets, appliances or even clothes. Is does not only make the house become clutter but harm people as well. Therefore, choosing a good vacuum that can help to clean all hair pets leave behind is very important. There are several guides to do this.

  1. Suction Power:

A vacuum cleans the surfaces by sucking in the dust and dirt. And a good vacuum for pet is one that has good suction power. Pet hair is very light so vacuum that does not have good suction power can not lift hair from floor and pull it into bag. Therefore, suction power is the first thing you should consider when you want to purchase a vacuum for cleaning hair pet. Dyson’s Root Cyclone and Hoover’s Wind Tunnel can meet this requirement.

  1. Vacuum tubing:

Dust and dirt is sucked through a tube. Therefore, the shape of tube can directly affect the suction power. While the tube is broad and runs straight, the suction power can work efficiently, one is narrow and has many bends and turns can interfere with the working of suction power. Notice the shape of tube when you purchase a vacuum.

  1. Brush roll bristles:

Brush roll bristles play an important role in removing pet hair in your house, especially on the carpet. To clean the carpet, vacuum must have brush roll bristles which are stiff. Hard bristles can totally pick up hair left behind pets, which soft bristles can not do.

  1. Upright Vacuum:

Upright Vacuum has versatility and maneuverability, which can help vacuum to be suitable for hard-cleaning surface such as: up and down stairs or carpets. Moreover, upright vacuum is attached with motorized brush roll. This roll is very useful for cleaning and picking up pet hair.

However, nowadays, with the improvement of technology, upright Vacuum no longer is the best one for cleaning pet hair. There are modern canisters which feature turbo brushes. These brushes are specially designed for cleaning pet hair. Therefore, when you want to own a vacuum, compare the advantages between upright vacuum and canister one to choose the most suitable vacuum.

  1. Bagless vacuum:

It is more convenient for people to clean pet hair with a bagless vacuum. With this kind of vacuum, people can change bag whenever the bag is full or dirty and it is very easy to empty it. Moreover, a bagless vacuum enables us to see whether pet hair is picking up or not. One thing that you should notice is choosing a vacuum having large container in order not to empty it during cleaning process.

  1. Filtration System:

The hair left behind animals can increase amount of allergens and make air quality poorer. Therefore, choosing a vacuum cleaner that has good filtration system is very important. Enhanced filtration system such as HEPA or multi-stage filter is very useful for removing, eliminating and reducing the amount of allergens.

Removing hair is important but you should remember to clean pet dander which is not visual like the odor. HEPA filter is highly appreciated for cleaning such things because it can catch dust up to0.3 micron size. The Asthma association also claims that it is friendly with asthma. Hence, you should choose a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filter.

  1. Vacuum Life cycle:

Most of the vacuums are designed for cleaning an average house but pet owner usually use vacuum much more than non-pet ones. When there are animals in the house, vacuum life cycle decreased because of picking up a large amount of dust, hair, dander and allergens. Therefore, you should take into account this issue before purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

  1. Price and value:

If you have many pets and they shed a great deal of hair, an expensive vacuum may be a good investment. For homes with one or two pets, you should choose the vacuum that does not cost much. Therefore, remember the amount of work a vacuum must do to purchase the most suitable one.