Best Ways to Care for Floating Hardwood Floors

Floating hardwood floors are becoming very popular these days. Ease of installation and simple upkeep requirements are two main factor behind this extreme popularity of stylish floating wood flooring. Although floating hardwood floors are very durable as manufacturer offer more than 25 year of warranty. However, you must remember one thing that their long lasting life is only possible if you care them properly. If you have a floating hardwood floor or you thinking about purchase of that floor in near future then you must read this article. In this article you will learn some best ways to care for floating hardwood floors.

best ways to care for floating hardwood floors

best ways to care for floating hardwood floors

The first and foremost way to care for hardwood floor is cleaning. For cleaning purposes always use manufacturer’s recommended cleaner. During the installation of floating hardwood floors ask the installer for suggestion of cleaner. Also compare available cleaner using internet or local market and choose best cleaner available for floating hardwood floors.

Daily clean your floating hardwood floors by sweeping them. A hardwood floor vacuum can also be used for this purpose. Take time and clean dirt which stuck between the flooring. If you found some kind of spot on hardwood floor use recommended cleaner and a damp cloth. Try again and again simply by swiping several time if the stains proves difficult.

If you are not satisfy with the hardwood cleaner or you don’t want to use commercial cleaner, you can make and use your own cleaner at home. Mix 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of vinegar together in a spray bottle or container. Mist the mixture generously and wipe with a soft sponge or clean cloth. Limit your wiping movement in one direction and as a result you will get spotless shine.

Dragging of furniture can create a scratch on hardwood floor so it is highly recommended that always lift furniture instead of dragging whenever you decide to change the look of your room. Use furniture coaster to cushion the legs of tables, chairs and other furniture in the home. In this way you will prevent direct contact of furniture with floor and this will save hardwood floor from a permanent dent.

Lost shining of your hardwood floor and want to restore it??  Waxing is a good idea. I recommend you that before waxing contact your hardwood floor installer or manufacturer and ask him what wax type suit your floating hardwood floor most.

I have shared some of best ways to care for floating hardwood floors. If none of tip is working, then hire a professional who clean your floating hardwood floor. In this way you can relieve your all troubles and can make your floating hardwood floor just like new.

So what are the best ways to care for floating hardwood floor? Here is simple answer:

  • Daily clean your floating hardwood floor with recommended cleaner
  • Use vacuum cleaner and remove dirt which stuck between flooring
  • Never drag your furniture on wood floor.
  • If you lost shining of floor, go for waxing.
  • If above all tips failed, hire a professional and get help from them.

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