Are you looking for The Best Handheld Vacuum?

If you feel sick of cleaning your house with a heavy and bulky vacuum cleaner and you want to have a more convenient, easier and faster

Best Handheld Vacuum

Best Handheld Vacuum

way to finish that toil, a handheld vacuum cleaner is what you need. Nowadays, vacuum become an indispensable appliance in the family that helps housecleaning easier.

It provides you with the convenience when using and carrying and you can clean any place in your house, even in your car or your office. Modern technology is integrated into the vacuum cleaner, it can now smoke every corner of your house as well as water and dust suction combined. However, using a vacuum cleaner seems a simple thing, but choosing a vacuum cleaner for the purpose of personal use is not easy. Here are some tips you need to know before you decide to buy a best handheld vacuum.

1. Low power capacity and high dirt-smoking capacity

  • When viewing the product information, you should see the capacity is the power consumption capacity or the capacity of the machine. These are two completely different parameters that makes consumers confused and wondering when shopping.
  • Power capacity is the power consumed when using the machine, while the capacity of the machine is the capacity the engine achieves when you use it. The higher capacity is better for users. Normally, the capacity of the machine also corresponds to one about the power capacity. If the machine has dirt-smoking capacity is too weak, it is very inconvenient to use. Sometimes the machines have a huge capacity but weak capacity of the vacuum, these machines will waste lost of electricity.
  • For example, if the machine shows the power capacity is 250W~1000W and  the cleaning capacity is 590W ~ 90W, it means that when the suction capacity is at the minimum level- 90W, the power consumption is 250W equivalently, when using at its highest level- 590W, the power consumption is approximately 1000W. Therefore, you should choose a machine with suction capacity of about 500W or more.

 2. A proper vacuum with house

You should choose a handheld vacuum cleaner that fit the design of your house. If you have the hard floor, no carpeting, you should choose a machine with an attached brush attached for easy cleaning the floor. If you have a long hair or pet, you should find a handheld vacuum cleaner with rotating brushes and bearings made ​​of stainless steel to suck out the curls fall. Moreover, steel ball bearings have a longer lifetime than the normal plastic vacuum.

3. Height for Best Handheld Vacuum

The height of a handheld vacuum cleaner can be adjusted. The manipulations of using are very simple and gentle. As a result, handheld vacuum is a great product for families to help people use easily without fear of back pain or spinal pain.

4. Dirt bags

To clean all the dirt, you should choose a handheld vacuum with bags. Today, the vacuum bag is made from many materials such as paper, each one after used can be get out and thrown away, or normal cloth, or more advanced bags which can absorb odor, anti-bacterial, anti-bug , small dust filter …

When shopping, you should choose a machine with dust bag protection device to protect it from damage caused metal objects. Some machines are now equipped with magnets to help prevent the scrap iron into the vacuum.

5. Weight and noise level

On the cover, it often writes two mass indexes, one is weight and the other is body weight including all machine accessories when using the machine. You should not choose too heavy machines, which would be difficult for women to use, choose the engine with about 2-2,5 kg.

Besides weight, a remarkable thing is the noise level of the machine. Noise level should be as low as possible, but the machine is usually about 40dB-60dB noise level, some machines have a huge noise level, about 70dB-80dB, so if you can not stand loud noises, do not buy these machines.

6. Filters

If several members in your family have allergies or asthma, you should find a Best handheld vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. This filter can absorb gas molecules efficiently. These types of filters can retain large amounts of small dust particles compared with the other types of vacuum cleaners.

Before you buy a best handheld vacuum, you should check the power switch, height regulator… to ensure the machine is easy to use. In addition, you should also disassemble parts of the vacuum to make sure that the machine operates normally, avoiding damage to parts of the machine that you have to go back many turns.

Although handheld vacuum is small in design, it is an effective appliance that help cleaning more easily and quickly. With tips above, you know all the important keys to consider when buying a handheld vacuum cleaner. Let choose a vacuum matching up what you are prepared to pay with all the features that you need.